Week 19.2009: Rose and Rows of Keys

I spend nearly all of my waking hours in front of some sort of LCD screen. There's my work and home laptops with their extra monitors, my TV, my iPhone, heck, my camera has an LCD on it. Because of this many elements of my life are lit by the light of my many LCD's. While procrastinating one night I started taking some photos of the roses that I had on my table. Too lazy to get up and turn on a light ( seriously, I'm that lazy ), I started using the screen of my laptop to add more light to the flowers. The harsh light of the screen added an interesting look to the soft pedals of the rose. Over time this evolved and I ended up including more and move of the computer in the photo. Rose and Rows of Keys was my favorite of the bunch and it is also the first of a new set of photos I hope to do that are lit by the harsh light of LCD's.

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