Week 3.2009: Snowy Sunrise on the Flatirons

Last week I proclaimed how ugly winters on the front range can be and just when I embrace my inner brown, nature goes and throws a nice coat of snow on Boulder and the Flatirons. Not only that but the temperatures stayed down and the sky cleared up for a great sunrise the next day. Seizing the opportunity, I grabbed my camera (and coffee) and headed out to try and get a good angle on the view I get to see every morning.

On my way I realized that this is the gift of winter to those of us who enjoy sleep too much to get up at 4 AM, the usual time that you would have to get up to prep for a sunrise shot in the summer. Here I am at 7:30 and getting to take a photo of the Snowy Sunrise on the Flatirons. What a great thing to get to sleep.

With my lessons learned I will no longer shun our unique winters and start to use what they provide to my advantage.

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