President Barack Obama

I had planned to write about my photo of the week today but after watching the inauguration of Barack Obama I cannot think of any other idea that I should talk about. My family and I watched the inauguration today, the first time I have ever cared enough to take time to do so and I do not think I am alone in this. Record numbers of people are peacefully gathered in our nation's capitol to be closer to this historic event than their TV or internet could bring them. In offices, coffee shops, and bars across the country TV's are set up and people have delayed the work that had to be done to watch the object of our hope be sworn into office. In our schools, children are gathered in gyms and auditoriums watching what they may not currently understand but will come to remember in a similar but different way that I remember the launch of the shuttle Challenger and that my parents remember the first time mankind walked on the moon. This is America coming together. Today I am proud of America.

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