Week 39.2008: Golden Light from Above

This weeks photo, Golden Light from Above, is from a trip that 3 friends and I took to Rocky Mountain National Park on Monday. ( Shhh, don't tell anyone we played hookie. ) We had all met through the workshop I took a couple of months ago and because we all live right around Boulder took the opportunity to spend the day in the park.

Shortly after lunch we found a grove aspens that had good color on them and hadn't lost a large number of leaves. After getting the traditional head on landscape shots I started to wander through them, looking for something a little different. I came across the three trees that are in the corners of the photo and was able to lie down under them to get this angle. I intentionally placed the three trees in the corners, as best I could without replanting them. I was really pleased with the way this one turned out.

The rest of the shots from that day, as well as a couple with my cohorts in them, can be found in my Rocky Mountain National Park September '08 set on flickr.
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