Week 38.2008: Convoi De LeMond

This week's picture, Convoi De LeMond, comes from outisde of University Bikes on Pearl St. at 9th in Boulder, CO. Frequently I will walk up and down Pearl St. with my camera because of the unique and photogenic environment that it provides. I love taking photos of bikes and I've also got a thing for repetition so when I spotted these bikes all lined up and ready for sale I couldn't resist.

I spent the week taking a class south of Denver and took my camera with me trying to seize on the opportunity to take photos in a place I wouldn't normally. I really fell in love with some buildings that were just across the freeway from my class and tried a couple of times to find a good angle to shoot them. Unfortunately, for the shot I wanted, I would have had to stand on the lightrail tracks as they crossed over Orchard, not a very smart idea. I had to let the idea I had for the shot go. This is something I am trying to recognize early in my photo process so I don't get so frustrated and waste a bunch of time.
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