Boulder Open Studios

Out of all of the things that make Boulder an awesome place to live Open Studios makes my top 10. Once a year for two consecutive weekends 125 of Boulder's artists open up their studios and workspaces to the public. Boulder has some amazing artists and to have an opportunity to see their work and interact with them like this is very unique. I focused primarily on the photographers but there is all types of artistry represented.

I visited 4 of the 12 photographers today and was impressed with all of them. Calvin Whitehall does outdoor photography and is probably most well known for his images of the Ptarmigan. I enjoyed the ptarmigan photos but also enjoyed his floral photos, very close up and intimate. Biz Hertzberg also does outdoor photography but in a very different, more abstract way than Calvin. I really enjoyed the way she is capturing how the snow is sculpted. John Waugh was a welcome diversion from nature photography with his images of vintage sports cars and Le Mans races. The cars were not the only photos that John was showing and all of it was very good along with the stories that he was happy to share about them. I finished up my day at Joanie Simon's studio where she displayed a variety of photographs ranging from still life to portrait to nature to abstract and all of it good. Out of all of the people i visited she was the only one I saw displaying portraits and I'm willing to bet the only one who was displaying pet portraits.

I am sorry to say that I won't be able to visit any of the other artists this year but look forward to next year when I will get another chance. If you are interested in going there is only one more day this year, tomorrow. I highly suggest that you get one of the guide books / calendars at one of many places around town, listed here, as they go to support the Open Studios efforts to put this together.
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