Big Ski Weekend: Gunnison

Saturday we hung out in Gunnison and I finally got my Firebrand fix. Heather was still under the weather so she hung out at her sister's house and at the hotel. The rest of us headed up to Hartman's Rocks for some outdoor playtime. Kirsten, K, and I all cross country skied while Don and Judy showshoed and R got pulled in a sled by Don. This was K's first time x-country skiing and she took right to it with Kirsten's assistance. R rolled out of the sled and jumped, superman style, back in over and over with great delight. The snow in Gunnison is the biggest I've ever seen, between 3 and 4 feet at Hartman's. Nathan showed up that night to join the B.S.W. We had dinner at Kirsten's that night with Brian, Priscilla, and Alicia. Kirsten is an amazing cook and this time was no exception. Tomorrow, Crested Butte.

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