Big Ski Weekend: Monarch

When we woke up on Friday Heather really wasn't feeling well but still stuck it out and skied a couple of runs at Eldora. R woke up at 6:30 and stared out the window talking about how he would go skiing until the rest of us started waking up. He really got it right away, skiing between Pop-Pop's or Kirsten's legs and sometimes on his own. He would get to the bottom and shout "Again, again!". He kept that up until we quit for the day, at which time he promptly fell asleep. K was not so ready in the morning but made up for it in the rest of the day. She was skiing on her own all day and by the end of it could get off the lift by herself. She stuck with Kirsten or Pop-Pop all day and in the afternoon did some long green runs with Kirsten. We ended the day at Garlic Mikes, always a good dinner. I'll update more later, my plane is getting ready to board.

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