Big Ski Weekend: Crested Butte and wrap-up

Sunday morning we all got up early and drove up to Crested Butte, well almost all of us. Heather had her worst day on Sunday and stayed at her sister's house with her mom while Kirsten, Don, Nathan, The Kids, and I met Ryan up in CB for skiing. CB Mountain has changed dramatically since the last time I was there, the base area has been torn down and rebuilt. K and R were back on the slopes skiing again but this time they didn't have nearly as much stamina as on the previous two days. After a couple of short runs they both cried uncle and wanted to go in. Ryan had found Heather and I a good deal at the Grand Lodge on the Mountain and Don and I took the kids over there to check in early and rest. The Grand Lodge has an indoor / outdoor pool that we took advantage of after resting for a couple of hours. While there Heather and her mom came up and met us. We finished up the day with more relaxing and Don took everyone out to dinner in CB. Monday we checked out and drove home, pretty uneventful overall. This was really a stellar weekend and R got to have his first ski day at the same place that K did. K really got a lot better on her skis and I think that she and I could spend a day doing it without lessons. Although Heather was ill for most of the trip I think she got some needed rest and by the time we got back she was right back to being in full health. I had tons of fun and am looking forward to doing it again next year.

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