Eating Crow

Well it's time for me to fess up and eat crow. I am typing this post on my iPad. Since its announcement in September If you had asked me about the iPad I pretty much blew it off as a toy that really didn't fit into my technology team.  Heather and I read books and email on our phones without issue. We browse the web and stream video on our laptops without issue. So we really didn't have a need for other computers.

Or so I thought.

I headed over to the apple store with a friend to see what all the hype was about and played around with the device. As I did so I really started to like the hardware and the way some of the apps were using it. I started seeing how not just me but the entire family could use the iPad throughout the day and really enjoy it. I started to see how this could become an appliance that would be based out our living room helping everyone.

So to all of you who had to sit through my diatribe stating that while I was sure there were reasons to buy the iPad, I didn't have one and would not be buying one, I found one. So now it's time to pull up my chair, grab a fork, and settle into a big plate of crow.  At least can read on my iPad while doing it.

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