Another flight under my belt and this one was weird.

This week I was in New York with a client and I just walked in the door from flying home. My flight was so full of oddities that I just had to write some down.

First of all, the coolest thing about the flight was that we flew around a very active thunderstorm and I was treated to a spectacular light show out of my window. The thunderhead was below and off to the side of us so you could see stars above it and this massive mushroom cloud below with a very active lightning storm.

While in flight I looked up and noticed the path at the bulkhead was blocked by a cart pulled across it and the flight attendant was dutifully watching all of us. Shortly after that the pilot came out of the bathroom and started chatting up the flight attendant. I thought that was wierd but whatever. A little bit later the other pilot came out and did the same thing only he chatted up the flight attendant for much longer than the first guy. I hadn't seen those guys leave the cockpit in flight since 9/11.

Finally, about half way through the flight, a flight attendant got on the PA and gave us all a very long and stern lecture about smoking on the plane and how it endangered us all. All I could think was "Who in the hell tries to smoke on a plane? That crap has been outlawed since I was a kid."


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