Week 7.2009: Like Day

As the snow fell the other night a friend of mine, Stepan, called and asked if I would like to go out and do some night photography. Excited at the chance I agreed and we grabbed another friend, Jared, and headed out to the gravel pit south of Boulder where I was able to take a photo that really expresses one of my loves of photography. Like Day, while taken at night, has an eerie daytime quality that is achieved from a long exposure, the moonlight from above and the man made light from behind. As photographers we can make night into day, a well lit street into a sea of darkness broken only by a small island of light, or take a building in a field and make it seem like the only structure for miles when there is, in reality, many buildings just outside of the frame. It is one of my favorite things about my chosen hobby. Photographers are sculptors of light

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