Denver Photo Walk Wrapup

The denver photo walk was not only my first attempt at hosting a photo walk but also in going to one as well but all in all I would consider it a success. Eight of us, including K and myself, wondered around the area of Civic Center Park for a little more than 2 hours shooting all kinds of stuff. Jared Kohlmann (@kohlmannj) was kind enough to bring down a bunch of nice gear from Pro Photo Rental (@prophotorental)and was also kind enough to remind me that we were driving down with "more gear than both our cars are worth together". From what I've seen everyone got some great photos. Below are is the list of published photos and I will add to it as more come online:

Stepan (@stepan)
Brandon (@devnulled)

I'll definitely be doing another one of these so if your interested in a specific location leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

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