Week 4.2009: Sunset in Walden Ponds

On a whim and inspired by the warm weather I revisited one of my favorite local places to photograph, Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat and was rewarded with this beautiful sunset. Sunset and sunrise pictures are a favorite of mine to take but I constantly struggle with finding the right balance of exposure and interest that will make the photograph worthwhile. I am really proud of Sunset in Walden Ponds but have to admit to a fair amount of luck for being in the right place at the right time to take the photo.

I like going out to Walden Ponds because it is one of those unique parks in boulder that has been mostly forgotten except by the birds and the rabbits. Because of this I find a great deal of peace walking around this place and am able to photograph it with relative ease, unlike some of the more popular parks and trail systems in Boulder. Lots of birds call this place home at one time or another throughout the year including at least two elusive great blue herons that I have yet to photograph but I promise you I've seen. If your interested in checking it out, the entrance to this place is east of Boulder off of 75th between Valmont and Jay Road.

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