Week 1.2009: New

Last fall my friends and I were discussing where we would like to go with our photography and one of the things I said was that I was not interested in shooting weddings for various reasons. A few months later one of the friends that was with me that day asked me to help her shoot a wedding. The funny part is that not only did she not connect that conversation to this one, neither did I. So Friday morning I found myself driving up to Devil's Thumb Ranch to help my friend shoot a wedding. The wedding was super small, only about 10 people and the people were all very cool and easy to work with. That said, I still have no desire to jump careers and start shooting weddings. Give me a mountain, a building or a flower but people are something I am not comfortable shooting. At least not yet.

I picked this week's picture because it really did represent what I had shot this week and it's one of my favorites out of the bunch. I named it New because this was not only a new experience for me but these people are starting a new life together and we are all just starting a new year.

What are you trying that is new this year? Leave a comment and let us know.
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