Gee, what are we doing this year?

Whenever the subject of New Year's resolution lists come up I always think of a conversation between two friends, one is a genius and the other is insane.

"Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
"The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!"

Each year we make lists of ways we would like to improve ourselves and by extension the people around us. I am torn between feeling like these are some sort of crash diet for our souls and actually being a useful guide for the future. So, by way of my first resolve, I will try believing that these lists empower us to make ourselves better and I give you my simple New Years resolutions.

1. I will be more positive.
2. I will ride my mountain bike.
Ten years ago I lived on my bike, riding every chance I got, racing in everything I could afford. Over time other parts of my life have etched away at my riding. Last year I didn't get on my mountain bike once. This year that changes.

3. I will shoot more and shoot less.
I am working on a separate post for this but the short of it is that there is a specific way I'm looking to improving my photography.

There you have it, three ways I hope to improve my mind, body and the world around me. They aren't going to end war or starvation but they are achievable by me and hopefully that will prevent me from echoing the sentiments of the Brain.

"The same thing we do every year, try to reinvent our lives."

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