Week 48.2008: No Runs, No Drips, No Errors!

Graffiti is one of my favorite things to see in the city, it can turn a plain wall into a beautiful piece of art. I'm not sure why I find it so appealing when the same thing done in nature would send me into a fit of rage. I guess it's because graffiti is as natural in a city as traffic lights and sky scrapers.

One of the challenges I face when I shoot not only graffiti but any public art is finding a way to make it my own and unique. Saturday I found myself crawling through the mud accepting this challenge once again at Boulder's art wall. While I was there two other guys were painting on the wall and through watching and talking to them I started to really find the shot that I ended up liking at the end of the day. No Runs, No Drips, No Errors was the shot that really told the story of the day for me. Not only is the title the tag line on the Krylon can but it was also how these guys were painting, I was very impressed.

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