Good and bad problems with PotW

The past two weeks have seen the first two obstacles to the Picture of the Week project. The first happened last week when the process of elimination ended up with three photos and no matter how much I viewed them I could not force myself to choose one. I know what your saying, "must be tough, boo-hoo for you". The problem is that the rules I set forth say one picture per week, taken that week. So for last week the deciding vote went to my wife's mother, Judy (thanks!).

So with that problem solved I jumped into this week only to be blind-sided by a mountain of work and the unpredictable Colorado weather. The result of this was no photographs being taken by me until Saturday. Unfortunately I had also committed to other things on Saturday. So for a couple of hours I wandered, frustrated, around my house. After trying a couple of different shots I started liking the abstract form that the picture of my lamp had taken. While I wouldn't have picked it out of any of the previous lineups, I also wouldn't have taken the time to find it without the pressure.

So those are the first two of what I can only assume will be many PotW problems. No, scratch that, challenges.
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