A deluge of images.

Last week I finally loaded all of last year's photos into Lightroom. The total count was about 3000 images, not including a trip to Martha's Vineyard that I keep on a different hard drive. Because this number seemed rather large I started looking through them. It seems that I deleted little to no images, just dumping them on my hard drive and pulling out the ones I liked for albums or whatever.

Whatever my thought process was back then, be it laziness, vanity, attaching the value of the event to the quality of the images, or some combination of those, I had no problem blowing away large amounts of these images now. My review process has only gotten me to the month of May and I have already removed more than 1000 images.

I mean, really, why did I keep this:

The subject is not only not in the frame anymore but he is out of focus. Should have gone to the bin the day it was shot. So in addition to putting up a weekly photo I am resolving to be much more strict in what i choose to keep in my catalog.

This ends the lesson on how to delete your photos.
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