A Portrait Every Decade

Last month I got my portrait taken by the amazing Penny Ozinga which was kind of a big deal since the last time I had that done was ten years ago for my engagement photo and the time before that was my senior photo. For some reason being in front of the lens makes me uncomfortable. Not that squeal and make a big deal out it uncomfortable, but i will quietly walk out of frame if I notice the lens pointed in my direction.

So why did I put myself in the path of the lens this time? I chose to do this because I wanted a nice photograph to go on the new J Squared Consulting site to represent me. The few I did have of myself didn't represent the image was trying to convey so it came down to photographing myself or asking one of my photographer friends if they would shoot me.

Penny and I have known each other for a long time and I frequently help her shoot weddings. She was having computer issues and I need a portrait so we traded. We both felt like we got the better end of the deal which is the best kind of trade.

Penny is amazing at what she does, you should go check out her other work at ozingaarts.com and if you are looking for someone to do some portrait work, give her a call.

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