Ignite Boulder (7)

Ignite is an event where people present for five minutes with twenty slides that advance every ( 5 * 60 /20 = ) 15 seconds. Ignite Boulder is where 750 of your newest friends come to see amazing people present in the Ignite format.

I have attended every Ignite Boulder since Ignite Boulder 2 and have enjoyed every show as well as watching them grow into their current space, The Boulder Theater, where they have sold out for the last 3 shows.

This has become the new date night for Heather and I. The day that the date is announced we get a baby sitter all lined up ( Thanks Judy! ) and on day one we buy our tickets. This is followed by the voting. That's right, you vote on the presentations that make it to the show.

The night of the show we all pile into the Boulder Theater and, after visiting with old friends and meeting new ones, Andrew Hyde opens the show and explains what is going on, in Ignite format of course. Following him Ef Rodriguez, one of the kindest people I've ever met, welcomes everyone. In song. It's amazing. This is followed by half of the presentations, all of which are great and even if you don't think so, it's 5 minutes, go get a drink and it'll be done. Half way through there is an intermission where we all take a break and a local band plays, Fellow Citizens played at Ignite Boulder 7.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Fellow Citizens playing Ignite Boulder 7"][/caption]

After the intermission the rest of the presenters go on and continue to bring the awesome while the audience continues to practice productive heckling. This continues until, before you realize it, the show has ended and you must say goodnight to sweet Ignite Boulder.

If you have not been to an Ignite in Boulder you have 30 days to remedy this mistake, the next event is February 10th. Tickets for the next event are on sale now.

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