The magic is [not] fading.

The other day K, who is 8, and I had the following conversation:

K - "Daddy, what is the deal with the Easter Bunny?"
Me - "What do you mean?"
K - "Is he real or what?"

This is it I thought, the end of the magic, but instead of throwing in the towel I tried this:

Me - "What do you think?"

I know, cheap shot. But after a short back and forth she decided to give it a go.

K - "Ok, ok. I think the Easter Bunny is a man in a suit, a really rich man in a suit that goes around to all the kids' houses."

Now, on hearing this, I'm ecstatic for two reasons. 1. The game that parents and kids play is not over yet. 2. She has, on her own, come up with a reasonable conclusion based on the things she knows about the world and applied to them to something she doesn't understand. For me, that moment is up there with first word and first step.

Me - "You know, I think your right."

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