Growing Pains. Not just for kids anymore!

We've all had those moments when we realize that something has changed but we didn't notice it because it was happening so slowly right in front of our face. Kids will do this to you constantly, their little bodies are changing faster than they ever will after this point but because we spend every day with them it's difficult to see those changes happening. It isn't until their pants turn into capris and you have to rebuild the car seat to avoid crushing their spine that you are forced to realize that they keep moving further and further away from that little 6lbs of flesh you fell in love with at first sight. Sometimes you are reminded of these changes in other, more painful, ways. R and I were reminded of this just the other day.

Since he could walk R has enjoyed running under the daddy bridge ( between my legs ). Over the years this has just been a thing with us and as he has grown I've began going up on my tippy toes to avoid ... a collision. Well the other day that's exactly what happened. As I was walking down the hall he went to go under, I went up on my toes, but it wasn't enough and we collided. R went down, bounced back up and laughed. I went down, curled up in the fetal position and spoke in tongues. R laughed harder. The daddy bridge is closed.

Later that night, and I swear this was an accident, he fell asleep on the couch and, like I've done a hundred times before, I picked him up and took him to bed. As I turned the corner to walk through his door his head hit the door frame. I swear, accident, honestly. It was a light tap and he was over it and back to sleep in minutes.

My boy is growing. Some days we don't notice anything and some days we are slapped upside the head, twice.

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