Week 38.2009: One Door Closes

Well it's been a few weeks months since I did one of these but I am back and seem to be back to my regular self. One Door Closes was taken during a photo walk with a friend that was sort of on a whim. Short on time, we visited an area in Boulder that I ride or drive right by almost daily but had never taken the time to look through. After a short while we gravitated toward a broken down shack and on the side was this door. As I lined up to take the shot what I saw through the view finder clicked in my brain as if a puzzle piece had found it's home. Back home, when I saw the image on my screen, I confirmed the feeling I had taking the photo.

Everyday we struggle to make the pieces of our life fit together but sometimes if we just relax and look around they will fall into place on their own. Now if I can only remember this.

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