Slumpsville, population: me

I am in a slump of sorts with my photography. Brian Burns summed up much of what I'm currently in the middle of nicely in his recent post: Travel, Motivation, and Good Copywriting. After reading it and evaluating what is going on around me it is really no wonder that I've arrived in my current state. I have been working on a pretty big project at work and because of that there have been a lot of long days and short nights. Along with those long days comes poor diet. Both of these things Brian calls out in his post, and I agree, will murder the drive to be creative. On the plus side I have been riding almost 20 miles everyday but I feel like what ever gain I am getting from that is only helping to keep me sane at work. As this project comes to a head over the next month I hope to change that and due to some unique circumstances, namely that I will be in Gothenburg Sweden for a month, I think that I'll find myself inspired regardless of work load.


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