Week 42.2008: Big Spokes

A couple of weeks before halloween we took the kids to a pumpkin patch. Let me give you the overview of what pumpkin patches are for those of you that haven't been to one. It is not just a big field of pumpkins, that would be too easy. Usually there are the photo cutouts, you know the kind that have something silly painted on them and cutouts for you to put your face in. After you have gotten through those there is a petting zoo of farm animals, we have an understanding: I have no desire to touch them and I'm 99% sure that they have no desire to be touched by me. After the zoo is some sort of maze, usually corn. Nothing like taking the kids out for an afternoon of let's get lost. And finally back in the far corner, as an after thought, there is a field of pumpkins. This particular pumpkin patch added the highlight of having old farming equipment on display. Big Spokes came from a freshly painted tractor with large metal wheels. The body of the tractor was black and the wheels had been painted cherry red. The contrast as well as the radial pattern of the spokes really attracted my attention and I took the shot. Once I got home I found that I liked the greyscale version of the image more because it really highlighted the contrast as well as adding an extra dimension of going from light to dark as you get deeper into the image.
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