End of Summer

Around our house there are three clues that it's the end of an all too short summer: Nights get cool, the school wants my kid back, and the onslaught of birthdays begins. August is R's, September is owned by K, Heather rules over October with the ghosts and ghouls, Turkey and I lord over November, and December, well it's either Santa or the big J.C. depending on what makes you feel better. I don't place a lot of stock in birthdays and I'm not really sure why. I have my theories and, truthfully, it is probably a combination of them and more. Some people have a real problem when I miss their b-day and others have figured out that it is part of the clockwork that makes up Jason. Because I know this about myself I try very hard to never forget the 2 dates that changed my life for the best, K and R's birthdays. Last weekend we threw a great pirate party for the both of them and had a really great time. Happy Birthday K. Happy Birthday R. I love you guys!

Good Bye Summer, we knew ye not well enough.
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