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I am currently working on a post of my own, but it is no where near done. To give you, the reader, something to do in it's absence I give you the following blogs that do this so much better than I do:

Dad Gone Mad - This one is really for the people with kids out there. Danny Evans continually writes about topics that I find interesting and situations that I have or I am facing. While this isn't unique, Danny finds a way to make it funny every time. Fair warning, he can be crass at times, well really all the time.

Wil Wheaton - I wanted to be Wesley Crusher when I was a kid. Badly. So when I heard that Wil, the actor who played Wesley, was writing a book called Just a Geek I started reading his blog. Wil and I have come a long way since Startrek TNG and reading about how he has grown from a kid actor into a writer who occasionally does some acting has provided an interesting mirror on my own life. I'm not as faithful to Wil's site as I could be but when I find my way back I am never disappointed.

John's Movie Musings - Anyone who has read this site for a few years will remember my awful attempt at movie reviews. It would seem that while I can talk endlessly about them I cannot focus my writing to create a entertaining review. John is one of those people who can and does. John reviews what ever movies he happens to see the previous week. This can include anything from the latest blockbuster to some 70's throwback and he frequently finds a funny angle on it. I have made promises to never again attempt a movie review, lucky for me there are better men out there like John to do it.

I hope that gets you by until I can complete my next post, which could be 6 hours, 6 days, or 6 months.
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