Never work with kids or animals

I took the kids to the Denver Zoo last weekend. I made it about 30% of the way through, juggling both kids and trying to stand still long enough to frame a shot, before I remembered hearing on The Focus Ring (a podcast that i listen to) that most zoos have a special photographers day. I packed up the camera and decided to try and do that and just spend the time I had with K and R. Everyone had a better time because of it, although I am glad to get a couple of pictures of the kids. You can see the animals on my Picasa site and the pictures of the kids are on the family site.

For lunch the kids had a hot dog and pizza, K and R respectively, and I had a burger. Now I'm not normally one to get squeamish about meat, I did have a short stint of vegetarian but it didn't stick, but sitting in the zoo where we are showcasing animals from around the work got me thinking about the moral ambiguity of eating a burger there. I mean there are bison and yak just 5 minutes walk away from where we were sitting! Was that an elephant looking down at me? Did the monkeys just get louder chastising me as I am about to take this bite? Was that my tummy rumbling?

Yes, yes it was.

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