It's the things that don't change that make life comforting.

Change has been the constant in my life lately. Moving back to Colorado, selling our house, old friends found, new schools, new boss and many other things at work that I shouldn't discuss. In the next month I will be in Colorado, New York and Las Vegas at some point and we are still trying to find ways to fit more in. I'm even using a new bike and a new website. All of this has been very good, but I wouldn't exactly call it stable and I think that most of my friends would tell you that change and I don't have a history of getting along too well.

So today, after I dropped K off at school, I decided to visit an old haunt of mine. Caffe Sole was pretty much my home away from home office before we moved. I would drop K off and head over here for my morning coffee, snack and free wifi. A couple of things would be pretty consistant: 1. There is a guy there in the mornings that is very outspoken. 2. At least once a week there was a group of 5 men that would gather and chat for the better part of the day.

Today I took K to school and decided to go see how Sole was holding up. I walk up, same guy outside. I walk in, same menu, same 5 guys chatting quietly. It was as if I never left. Quiet and comfortable, I settled into my surroundings and worked the afternoon away.

I try to go with the changes that life brings, but it's the things that don't change that make me comfortable. Time to go back to the school, til next time.

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